My Mission

HealingHerEntrance Feminine Wellness was founded by Jerica Morales, a certified Herbal Yoni Detox Specialist and Yoni Steam Practitioner.

My goal is to help women avoid surgery for painful periods, fibroids, PCOS and infertility by using natural herbal remedies. I've studied and researched different herbs and benefits they have to help maintain a healthy reproductive system. I started making homemade products varying from soaps, scrubs, oils and washes to use daily to help heal naturally. Each product helps with different womb conditions, dryness, menstrual cramping, and regulating your period.

If you suffer from any womb complications like PCOS, Infertility, Menopause, bad menstrual cramping etc., and you believe in herbs over meds. I'm the person you want to shop with. All of my products are all natural and help heal womb complications while smelling and feeling amazing!